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Artist Statement

Furniture presents a rare opportunity for creative expression. A piece can be a bridge between art and craft, the voices of aesthetic vision: exploration and interpretation, and the areas of technical expertise: procedural competency, understanding of materials, and attention to detail. This dialogue between what I envision as a furniture designer, and what I am able to realize within my Scottsdale, Arizona, studio at Zenith Design helps me to continue to challenge myself in both the conception and construction of each new piece—to push the limits of my abilities and materials.

I design and construct sculptural furniture that is aesthetically pleasing, successful in comfort and practicality, and of the highest quality. Each piece is unique and hand-crafted. As a body of work, my designs are attractive to the eye, sensual to the hand, and comfortable to the body. I strive to break away from the squareness of the lumber and return to the organic nature of wood as a living thing. It is, after all, this plasticity, this balance between massive and delicate, that is so attractive about trees in the first place. I am working toward this same balance and flow of line, shape, and plane—not to reproduce tree forms verbatim, but to find my own visual vocabulary and interpretation. These explorations have helped me to break new ground and find my own voice. I enjoy the challenge of pushing both myself and my materials toward the edge of what is possible. As I grow, I continue to incorporate new techniques and materials. The scope and depth of my work are constantly expanding and changing.

Contemporary Cabinet


I am a furniture designer and builder who lives and works in Scottsdale, Arizona. Born and raised on the East Coast, I studied at Wesleyan University to earn my bachelor's and master's degrees. After teaching graphic arts for more than 10 years, I turned to period-piece renovation and construction in 1978. In 1984, I moved west and began to devote my efforts solely to contemporary, sculptural furniture design, and construction. As the owner of my one-person studio at Zenith Design, I'm responsible for all phases of design, construction, and marketing of my work. I am an arts activist and, before moving to Scottsdale, I lived in Salt Lake City for 15 years where I was involved with the Salt Lake Arts Council (SLCAC), the Salt Lake Art Center, and the endowment fund development committee of the Utah Arts Council. I also managed Salt Lake's Vital Arts Gallery as a volunteer executive director for three years and have curated several major exhibitions. I was tapped to serve as a trustee of The Furniture Society starting in 2005 and served as treasurer, vice-president, president, and chair of the society's development committee. My term of office ended in 2011, but I remain an active and involved member.

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